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A pre-purchase survey, sometimes called a structural survey, is a thorough inspection of the property from head to toe to ensure that it is in a stable and habitable condition. The survey identifies any significant defects that are evident and which might be costly to remedy. It can happen occasionally that a particular item requires a more specialized investigation, and this is highlighted in the report.

The reports are carried out by Noel O’Callaghan C. Eng. M.IEI who has a background in structural design and has dealt with the structural assessment of a wide variety of residential and other properties. The final report describes the condition of each building element under a separate heading.

About Us

This consultancy was originally set up in 2005 for the purpose of providing a quality service at competitive cost to people buying, building or renovating their homes. The company policy is to ensure that clients will have their best interests protected, without having to pay over the odds.
Noel O’Callaghan has a long experience in the broader engineering industry, having for some years worked in the USA on reinforced concrete projects ranging from airport runways to multi-storey carparks to wastewater treatment plants and much more. He has also worked as part of a design team on the structural design of industrial and commercial projects in Manchester, England, sometimes supervising small sections of the design team. Here in Ireland he has extensive experience on housing,  extending to the structural design of foundations for difficult ground conditions, retaining walls, and sizing of support beams/ columns. His experience in Ireland includes legal work, in terms of writing reports on liability claims and attending court as an expert witness.